Good Morning Omaha.

After a good nights sleep, we are ready to take in the sites, which mostly include abandoned warehouses and water towers.

The locals, seem to have taken a strange fascination with our appearance. Mayhaps its the mohawk, or maybe it’s the tattoos and the piercings. who knows. What has become quite apparent, though, is that we’re insane.

Yesterday, we spent 16 hours total. Count em. 16 hours in the car. We drove 1, 700 kms. We only stopped for gas 3 times, and we only got lost once. Some might refer to our adventure as epic, and some might tell us we’re bonkers. I think the latter is more appropriate.

Despite the amount of time confined in the car, forced to endure each others company, we are still smiling and in good spirits.  We are about to venture out in search of food, and coffee. Brian has developed quite the tragic caffeine dependency, and our day is headed nowhere, unless he gets some coffee in his system.

more to come later!

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